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Products & Services in Northville, Michigan

If you invest the money in a composite deck, it is best to go with  Trex Transcends decking, or similar  PVC  type of decking material, in Northville.  Supreme Deck is a certified Trex decking contractor for Northville, Michigan.

Composite, Trex, or PVC Decks

Composite and PVC decks are the latest” low maintenance” deck trend. We feel wood decks in Northville, Michigan are still the time tested best value for deck. Many people that have had an unlicensed contractor install a composite deck will tell you that they have issues with mold, hidden fasteners, miters, or warping of their composite deck.  To get the 25 year Trex warranty you need to hire a certified TrexPro installer.  Do your research before installing a composite deck and make sure you hire a Trex certified contractor.  Supreme Deck is one of Northville, Michigan’s largest installer of Trex decks and certified as a TrexPro Platinum installer.

Material Choices- What’s right for you?

Understand, that there are many materials to choose from and each material must be installed to the manufactures specifications or you will have problems with the products. The gaping, joist spacing and type of fasteners used on a composite deck need to be to manufactures specifications or you may encounter problems. If installed right,  Trex decks with a pvc wrap such as Transcends, Enhance,  and Select hold up the best to Northville weather. Certain composite materials will require cleaning a couple of times a year to make it look good again. (Good—not, “Like New”). Our Deck Cleaning division services hundreds of composite Trex decks each year. If you install a composite, Trex, or PVC deck just remember you will still have to clean it. Ipe or Mahogany will likely have a durability of 40 years if sealed or oiled yearly. A wood deck can be refinished every few years to look like new again and be able to replace rotted boards to match. You can’t refinish a composite deck—you simply replace it. Composite and PVC decks typically run 2-3x for materials more than a wood deck. The maintenance costs are built into the price, so you pay the maintenance up front. By deciding to go with a synthetic deck we feel that Trex Transcends Tropicals is the best choice. If you invest the money in a composite deck, it is best to go with  Trex Transcends in Northville, Michigan.  Supreme Deck is a certified Trex decking contractor for all of Michigan.


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